• LIFE IN THE 1960s


    Top SJHS Memories from the 60s...

    • Senior trips to Springfield
    • Varsity wrestling wins CPL crown
    • Varsity baseball wins CPL crown
    • Swim team premiers
    • Plays: Teahouse of the August Moon, Arsenic and Old Lace, A Man for All Seasons, Stalag 17, Come Blow Your Horn, The Gazebo, Bye Bye Birdie, The Fantasticks, West Side Story
    • The Cryan Shames and WCFL's Jim Runyon
    • Students celebrate visit to US of Pope Paul VI
    • Blizzard of '67
    • First varsity football game (in Waterloo, Iowa)
    • Track team sweeps CPL tournament

  • Jerry "Freshman year 1960 was exciting as could be simply because of all the new guys from all the different suburbs that suddenly appeared in our everyday lives , seemingly overnight.  The very first memory that popped into my mind Gym Night which I believe was on Fridays. We basically had the gym to ourselves. Activities were shooting baskets. But the big attraction was using the trampoline! It was up on the stage, and that meant you have an even longer drop to the floor if you bounced off. I believe we also would order pizzas to be delivered to the gym. Great times.”

    – Denny Grammas ‘64


  • John “Growing up for me in the 60's was an excellent time to be a teenager. Life was certainly much simpler. There wasn't as much hustle and bustle as there is today. The pace of life was simpler/slower. We had great music, dances, weekend parties-fun times. We had a certain amount of freedom without a lot of worries. There was respect for GOD, country and family. You also respected your teachers and elders in general. You never thought of disrespecting them----not sure you that can be said today. There were no drug issues in school. We had the opportunity to grow up in a fun loving environment. 

    The last couple of years in the sixties things began to change and life seemed to get more complex. But I couldn't have asked to grow up in a better community (Westchester) and a time that I now look back on over 50 years later and realize I was very fortunate to grow up in the 60's.”

     - John Vosicky '66, SJHS Board Member  

  • "Mary Sharing the building with St. JOSEPH, we had our own "wing" and did our own thing when we started in 1960.  It got a little more intergrated the second year when more students arrived,  ocassionally we had our class bells occuring at the same time, the corridors were divided with the brothers and nuns back to back.  Our mass exodus to our new building walking down the driveway.  Senior year when the "boys" had their own cars and would be waiting in The back parking lot for our dismissal, the nuns would run out and chase them away.  Meeting at school for a dress code inspection prior to senior prom, the good old days!"

    - Mary (Brozewski) Hadac, IHM '64

  • Top Songs of the Decade
    1960 Percy Faith, Theme from A Summer Place
    1961 Bobby, Lewis, Tossin' and Turnin'
    1962, Mr. Acker Bilk, Stranger on the Shore
    1963, Jimmy Gilmer & the Fireballs, Sugar Shack
    1964 The Beatles, I Want to Hold Your Hand
    1965 Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs, Wooly Bully
    1966 SSG Barry Sadler, The Ballad of the Green Berets
    1967 Lulu To Sir With Love
    1968 The Beatles Hey Jude
    1969 Archies Sugar Sugar

    Top Grossing Movies of the Decade
    1960 Swiss Family Robinson
    1961 101 Dalmations
    1962 The Longest Day
    1963 Cleopatra
    1964 Mary Poppins
    1965 The Sound of Music
    1966 The Bible
    1967 The Jungle Book
    1968 Funny Girl
    1969 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

  • Jerry “When I look back, I realize that growing up in the 60's it was a simpler time and was all about family. Family at home and family at St. Joe's. Family dinners were important were everyone sat down and you could not leave the table until everyone was done eating and your Dad said it was Ok. Most stores were closed on Sunday and all the relatives visited grandpa and grandma's house. The women would cook, the men would play cards and drink a few beers and the cousins would play. The same was true at St. Joe's. The teachers were the parents and the students the children. In each case, the parents instilled principles that I still live by today. Respect, hard work, honesty and loyalty are some of these principles.  Today family is the most important thing in my life.”

    - Jerry Klisiewicz '67

  • Bruce “Some of my favorite memories of Joe’s include…witnessing Cryan’ Shames in the St. Joe’s gym with their opening song, “First Train to California"…working with Brother Mallachy in the theatre department. Climbers and greasers... Great music!”

    – Bruce Sirus ‘69



  • Tom

    "Being the second graduating class at St. Joe's was an expierence to say the least.  We were more of a large family than other high schools in the area.  Teachers had more time to spend with students, no crowded buses or hallways, the building itself was still brand new.  The decade itself was going through radical changes. The historic manned space programs, the first visit of a Pope to the United States,  the evolution of music from 50's rock and roll to the British invasion. All of these and more took place.  There were tragedies also, the Cuban missile crisis, early race riots In the south, our involvement in Southeast Asia.  But the one we will never forget, the day in November, 1963 when we heard President Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas.   I think every Charger remembers where he was that afternoon."

    - Tom Wertz '65