• LIFE IN THE 1980s


    Top SJHS Memories from the 80s

    • Going downstate in '83, '84 and '86
    • Graduation at Holy Name Cathedral for SJHS Silver Jubilee
    • Plays: Annie Get Your Gun, Once Upon A Mattress, Carousel, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Sound of Music, Carnival, Voices from high School, My One and Only 
    • Soccer Takes Fourth in State
    • Andre Love takes first in state in long jump
    • Concert Band takes second in State of the Arts competition
    • Triton's "A Republic ... if we can keep it!" Constitution Workshop
    • Christmas chorus concert on local cable television
    • Trips to Italy, Germany and England with Brother Leo

  • DG "In the '80s, my family gathered around the kitchen table every night of the week. My mom prepared home-cooked meals in our home in Westchester and these dinners would last two hours. My father took our landline wall phone with the extra-long spiral cord off the hook for these dinners--this was sacred family time for us. For my brothers and me, these dinners gave us an opportunity to talk about things like the newest video on MTV or the new mix on the radio or the coolest new Beastie Boys or Run DMC hit. Many nights our dinner conversations were devoted entirely to the '84 Cubs and '85 Bears.

    The main thing I remember about St. Joe's in the 1980's is that my teachers and friends at St. Joe's felt like family to me. From time together in class and at mass, at homecoming, pep rallies and games, our Junior Retreat, proms, shooting pool at the Brother's house, baseball and soccer, selling calendars for days off, yearbook, student council and mixers with IHM, we had good days and bad days, we laughed, we studied, we leaned on each other in hard times and we formed friendships to last a lifetime."

    - Dennis Gilhooley ‘89

  • RR "One of my amazing memories of St. Joe’s from the ‘80s is the diversity of the student population and the multiple demographics represented.  Westchester was welcoming to my parents - immigrant physicians from India - in a time where immigration did not provoke fear and hostility.  To then be at St. Joe’s further reinforced the idea of different people learning and living together. It got us ready to live in a diverse world. I could become friends with athletes who would go on to be on television while sitting in classes with future engineers and chemists. Teachers treated me with the same dignity as all others because they saw each student as a human being deserving kindness."

    - Ravi Rao ‘86

  • JR "I remember that the Cubs made the playoffs in 1984, I remember the music of that era, and I remember that I was able to walk to school most days. It was a great time to be young and a great time to be a Charger.

    My greatest memories of St. Joe's come from some great teachers and some great classmates. I always felt like I was part of something and I always thought there was someone there who could help me if I needed it. We were fortunate to go to a school that challenged us academically, gave us opportunities to compete athletically, and developed us as students and as young men. 

    I loved the Homeroom Olympics from freshman year, watching our great basketball teams in a packed gym almost every Friday night, playing baseball and tennis for school and a host of other things. There were so many great times."

    -John Roncone ‘86

  • Top Songs of the Decade
    1980 Blondie, Call Me
    1981 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, I Love Rock N Roll
    1982 Michael Jackson, Billie Jean
    1983 Police, Every Breath You Take
    1984 Prince, When Doves Cry
    1985 Dire Straits, Money for Nothing
    1986, Run-D.M.C., Walk This Way
    1987 Guns N' Roses, Sweet Child O' Mine
    1988 Tracy Chapman, Fast Car
    1989 Public Enemy, Fight the Power

    Top Grossing Movies of the Decade
    1980 The Empire Strikes Back
    1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark
    1982 E.T.
    1983 Return of the Jedi
    1984 Ghostbusters
    1985 Back to the Future
    1986 Top Gun
    1987 Three Men and a Baby
    1988 Rain Man
    1989 Batman

  • FK

    "My time in Chargerland is one of the best periods in my life, developing relationships that have lasted and will last a life time. Most memorable was watching the best basketball in the state and filling the old gym to the rafters, like the old barn on Madison. Hanging out with fellow students from St. Joe’s and IHM outside of school, like at the games. We had a lot of fun watching Jimmy, Tyrone, Isiah and all the guys. And of course watching "Coach Ping" and his colorful coaching. How can you ever forget those times? We were blessed.   

    I’ll always remember the lessons - dignity, strength and respect fostered by the Christian Brothers. Vincit Qui Laborat!

    - Frank Kasprzak ‘82

  • JC "I remember the ‘80s as being able to hang out with my friends and ride our bikes everywhere.  Looking back now, my parents had a lot less to worry about in the world.  We rode to the Hillside Mall, hung out at parks, played lob league, put duct tape on the building behind my house in the alley to play fast pitch. It was so much fun. 

    As a kid growing up down the street from St. Joe’s, I have to say my greatest memory was watching the basketball team play.  Watching them play for me was like I was at an NBA game.  I remember at the Proviso West Holiday tournament, I even went up to players after a game and got their autographs which I still have to this day.  They were larger than life to me as a kid in the ‘80s."

    -James Cooney ‘89