• LIFE IN THE 1990s


    Top SJHS Memories from the 90s

    • Trips to England with Brother Leo
    • Wood floor replaces tiles in gym
    • Plays: Guys and Dolls, Little Shop of Horrors, Mame, Annie Get Your Gun, Bye Bye Birdie, Anything Goes, Crazy for You, Carnival, Oliver
    • Hoop Dreams
    • Wrestlers Demond Rodez and Nick Alonzo going downstate
    • Adam farmer going downstate for track
    • Debut of Mother-Son Mass & Breakfast
    • Hockey wins West Suburban JV League
    • State champions in basketball

  • Tom

    "There are too many great memories of St. Joe’s in the 90’s to count – Homecomings, basketball games, pep rallies, filming the Mary Thomas Story, cameras from Hoop Dreams around all the time and the end of year awards ceremony during which Brother announces the winner of the 4-year perfect attendance award and some student from the back of the gym yells out to inform him that, “He is out sick today.”

    But the most valuable part of St. Joe’s and what I remember most was the high caliber of individuals I was blessed to interact with each and every day.

    I remember friends who are some of the greatest people on the planet.  Friends who I learned with, laughed with, went through good and bad times with and one friend from IHM who I married and has given me the most treasured thing in my life – my family.  These are friends who are second to none and make up the bulk of the individuals I consider to be my best friends to this day.

    St. Joe’s had a tremendous impact on the person I am today because of the top-notch teachers who cared and the lifelong friendships I built."

    - Tom Klisiewicz ‘92

  • Top Songs of the Decade
    1990, Sinead O'Connor, Nothing Compares to You
    1991, Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit
    1992, R.E.M., Everybody Hurts
    1993, Radiohead, Creep
    1994, Youssou N' Dour, Secen Seconds
    1995, Alanis Morissette, You Oughts Know 
    1996 Spice Girls, Wannabe
    1997 The Verve, Bittersweet Enemy
    1998 Air, All I Need
    1999 Destiny's Child, Say My Name

    Top Grossing Movies of the Decade
    1990 Home Alone
    1991 Terminator 2: Judgment Day
    1992 Aladdin
    1993 Jurassic Park
    1994 Forrest Gump
    1995 Toy Story
    1996 Independence Day
    1997 Titanic
    1998 Saving Private Ryan
    1999 Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

  • Vince

    "Being the only person from my grade school at St. Joe’s never affected me. The bonds of brotherhood formed on the soccer field, basketball court, and in the classroom were immediate. We were a family. The diversity of our family is what made us better than other schools. The unique blend of becoming a family with people from different races, economic backgrounds and neighborhoods from all over the Chicagoland area was special. I still to this day value the relationships and family that was formed during my time at St. Joseph High School. We had great leaders in our teachers and coaches, who helped us every step of the way. These were men and women who wanted us to do better, pushed us to be better, and expected our best all the time. St. Joe’s is one of the few schools that once you graduate you remain family. Guys from 20 years apart in age share a bond: a bond of family and a bond of pride. Family, success, and pride will always be there, as will the relationships."

    - Vince Bertuca ‘95

  • Marlon "My greatest St. Joseph memories in the 90s was the numerous characters in the building which made it fun. From freshman through senior year it was all family I feel all the guys are my brothers. St. Joseph was a fraternity and I loved it. Coach Ping and basketball played a major role in my St. Joseph experience. Winning a bunch of games was great but the lessons learned, the memories and the camaraderie built was everything to me."

    - Marlon London ‘98

  • Tony "When I think about my four years at St. Joe’s I think about the homecomings, proms, packing the stands for sporting events, yearly calendar drives, and the endless times with friends. The best part of being at St. Joe’s was always having the feeling that the teachers really cared about you and your future, which motivated you to work harder to become a better student and a better person. They went above and beyond to ensure that you would be successful in life by helping shape our character. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend St. Joe’s in the 90s and am proud to be a Charger."

    - Tony Chlada ‘93 

  • Arcuri

    "My greatest memories of St. Joe’s include the all-school assemblies, mixers with IHM, all the Homecoming activities and prom as well. Sports-wise, I loved cheering on to victory our soccer and basketball teams.

    I also had wonderful memories of growing up in the 90s – junior high, high school, and college. We had great sitcoms and great music. And Da Bulls! I also remember the respect we had for one another as a society."

    - James Arcuri ‘95