General Information

  • Saint Joseph High School provides academic programs and classes for a variety of learners and learning styles.  Students who enter Saint Joseph are placed into an academic program, in total or in part, based upon test scores, teacher recommendations from a previous school and discussions with parents and our counselors.

    Teachers post grades to The Family Portal by Tuesday at 8 a.m. of each week and both students and parents should check those reports weekly and contact teachers immediately if there is a concern. There are two locations to find information about a teacher: 1) Under Staff Directory in this menu 2) Through Courses where your child normally checks for his/her grades/class work. 

    Parents are also encouraged to contact Ms. Palumbo in the Counseling Center if there is any concern beyond the student's lack of success in a particular course.

                Ms. Diane Palumbo
                Director of Guidance
                708.562.4433 x120