Technology at SJHS

  •            Technology continues to offer more possibilities and more challenges as users of all ages enjoy the benefits of sophisticated devices. At St. Joseph High School, classrooms have been transformed with the inclusion of Lenovo tablets. Engagement of students has increased through the application of sophisticated programs, with the means to share and save one’s work, and the resources provided by the Internet.

              The SJHS school community works on the Office 365 platform (cloud version of Microsoft applications), allowing for student and teacher sharing and collaboration. Each student has an account which allows access to school-related e-mail and to their academic work through Office 365.

    The Technology Center provides a loaner computer in the event a student needs repair on his or her computer.

    Technology in the classroom includes required textbooks and other resources both on the device and available through the school network. Many of the SJHS teachers incorporate Kahoot, Socrative and Plickers, all Internet-based programs used to assess student progress and used in a variety of ways (bell-ringers, quizzes, exit slips).

    Courses in technology include the use of several programs: Python for Computer Programming, CSS3 & HTML5 for Web Design, Alice 3 for Animation, Premier Pro for Video Editing, and Microsoft Office for Computer Applications.

    Students and parents each have a separate account to The Family Portal to view student progress, course information, including homework and teacher expectations.

    All students and parents sign an agreement to abide by the Student Handbook, which includes policies regarding technology as well as the Internet Acceptable Use Policy. The overall goal is for students to model Digital Citizenship in a highly complex information age.