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    March Madness!

    St. Joseph HS Sweepstakes NCAA Men’s Tournament

    Here’s How It Works

    1. Purchase a Sweepstake ticket for $10.
    2. Scratch off to find your four (4) random NCAA teams.*
    3. Wait until the 64 teams are selected. If one of your teams does not make it to the tournament, log onto www.fundcrazr.com to find a replacement team (you will be given the highest replaceable team available!)
    4. Your score is determined by the cumulative points scored by your four teams throughout the tournament.
    5. Prizes are ONLY from tickets sold by St. Joseph High School, i.e. the nine (9) winners will come from the SJHS family!
    6. Return your payment and ticket stub(s) to whomever sold you the tickets.
    7. If you need more information, call Tony Quattrochi at 708.562.4433 ext. 119.

    *Your teams are chosen randomly from the 24 teams on the back of the ticket.

    You may purchase tickets through Friday, March 29th!

    To order your ticket, email Tony Quattrochi and let him know how many tickets you would like and the address to send them. He will mail you the ticket(s). Return the stubs with your payment to him and you will be set!


    Thank you for participating!