• Academics


    The St. Joseph High School counselors provide students academic support and assistance throughout the year. Counselors meet with students to select appropriate courses, review test scores, and provide information to help students plan for their future. Collaborating with faculty, students, and parents, the counseling department works to ensure that students are on track with their high school graduation requirements and post-high school goals.

Graduation Requirements


    Required Department Credits







    Social Studies




    Foreign Language or Fine Arts


    Physical Education


    Health Education






    Total Credits22.5**  

    *2.0 credits required for College Prep B Program students. 

    **23.5 credits required for Honors Program students.   

    Additional Requirements:

    -Passing grade on the U.S. Constitution test

    -40 hours of service-Participation in retreat programs freshman, sophomore & junior years



  •       ACT/SAT testing cancellations have caused much concern and frustration for students, families and colleges.  Please know that if and when they become available, we will provide up-to-date information.  We highly encourage and recommend that students research admissions requirements on college websites.  With that said, we believe that nearly every college will consider applications for the Class of 2021 as test optional.  There are many other ways for students to show their skill set; essays, personal statements, portfolios and letters of recommendation.

          In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, St. Joseph High School is re-evaluating their choice of assessments and the annual Standardized Testing process.

Academic Center

  •      The Academic Center provides services for students who need extra support in the classroom.  Students are given extra time to complete assignments and assessments and are provided with a quiet environment where they can ask questions and clarify what has been presented in the mainstream classroom.  The center also focuses on developing study skills so that students understand their areas of strengths and weaknesses.  We work throughout the year to develop skills in order to build the confidence needed to effectively interact in an academic environment.  The Academic Center reinforces the importance of organization, communication, and motivation and the role that these play in success both in and out of the classroom. 

         Mrs. Palluzzi, the Academic Center Coordinator, and Ms. Palumbo, Counseling Director and Counselor, work closely with Proviso District 209 to ensure learning plans are updated yearly and re-evaluated every three years.