Advancement/Development Team


    Members of the Board 

    Diane Guido Berner IHM '70Diane Berner
    Board Member & Development Committee Chair


    Diane is a proud member of the St. Joseph High School Board of Directors and chairs the development committee.  Diane is an alumna of Immaculate Heart of Mary High School graduating class of 1970.  Before retiring, Diane served as a senior vice-president of marketing for over 25 years at LaSalle Bank and brings her successes and experience in strategic planning to the St. Joseph High School development team. 



    MarkPolivka Mark Polivka '70
    Board Member & Charger Nation Pillar


    Mark is a proud member of the St. Joseph High School Board of Directors and an alumnus of the class of 1970.  Mark is the Vice-President & Director of Willow Farms Properties, Inc.  Mark coordinates the Charger Nation campaign, forming a group of committed benefactors who contribute $1,000 to $9,999 annually for three to five years.


    Paul Remack '67Paul Remack
    Board Member & Director of Foundation and Large Gifts

    Phone: 925-280-2581

    Paul is excited to serve in his capacity as Director of Foundations and Large Gifts at St. Joseph High School.  He graduated from St. Joseph High School in 1967 and then matriculated at Bradley University in 1971, followed by graduate school at University of Southern California and Golden State University in San Fransico, California where he respectively earned master degrees in History and Tax.  Paul is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and was founder and owner of two financial advisory firms, RG Financial Partners, Inc. (1982-2005) and Summit Wealth and Retirement Partners, Inc. (2005-2014).  He is currently a Certified Licensed Professional Fiduciary (CPF) and owner of Remack Associates, Inc. (2014-current).

    "St. Joseph High School helped me develop traits that I would not have received if I attended Morton East High School – discipline, focus, determination, and confidence.  These traits have carried me through life and helped me become who I am and who I will yet be.  St. Joes saved me – it didn’t save my life, but it made it possible for me to be so much more as a person than I could have imagined possible.  I owe St. Joseph High School more than I can ever repay.  As long as I live St. Joes will hold a special place in my heart."


    John Vosicky John J. Vosicky '66
    Board Member & Major Gift Pillar


    John is a proud member of the St. Joseph High School Board of Directors and an alumnus of the class of 1966.  Before retiring, John was the Chief Financial Officer of BFG Technology.  John solicits major gifts or unrestricted donations of $10,000 or more. 


    St. Joseph High School Staff

    John McAuliffe John McAuliffe
    Executive Director of Finance & Advancement

    Phone: 708-562-4433 ext. 166

    John has served as the Director of Finance and a member of the faculty since arriving at the school in 2014.  John now brings his incredible skill set to the Advancement team as he guides the school well into the future.  


    Bob Stapleton Robert Stapleton '70
    Director of Development

    Phone: 708-562-7488 ext. 153

    Bob is a proud member of the St. Joseph High School graduating class of 1970 and St. Mary's University, Winona, MN. Bob served on St. Mary's alumni board from 2015 to 2017 and has served in leadership roles on various committees at St. Joseph HS, including the recent Brothers Challenge. Bob brings a wealth of business experience, including 3M (1975 - 1996), Vice-President Emerging Technologies SAC Wireless (1996-2008) and, most recently, CEO National Wireless Ventures II, LLC (2008 - present).


    Tony QuattrochiTony Quattrochi
    Director of Alumni Relations

    Phone: 708-562-7488 ext. 119

    Tony works with alumni and friends in support of the mission of St. Joseph High School. His primary focus is working with individuals and groups to foster the Charger experience through a variety of activities, including volunteering, mentoring, fund-raising and developing events specific to alumni.

    “St. Joe’s has changed in many ways during my 37 years here but meeting an alum from the 60s has great similarities to graduating a student in 2019. There is an espirit de corp that resonates through the classrooms and the hallways that is distinctly Lasallian. Behind the words we all remember … Live Jesus in Our Hearts, Forever … is the feeling of family and the memories of Christian Brothers and colleagues who sincerely cared for their students yesterday and today, from ages 14 to 74. I look forward to seeing you soon!”


    Stephanie Morton Stephanie Morton
    Manager of
    Development Operations

    Phone: 630-564-3435 (cell) or 708-562-7488 ext. 148

    Stephanie is responsible for the implementation of development and fundraising programs.  She also helps manage communication materials (alumni & friends electronic newsletters, mailings, and marketing materials) to alumni, friends, and the local community in support of the mission of St. Joseph High School. 

    “St. Joe’s is one of those places that you have to visit to truly understand what makes it so special.  I have had the privilege of assisting in the Development Office for nine years now and I continue to want to support the school's mission because of the amazing students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the community that I have come to know and respect.  Our school's motto, "Vincit Qui Laborat - He Conquers, Who Labors" is the cornerstone of all the success surrounding our community.  I began my time at St. Joe's during their 50th Anniversary and I am honored to be part of the 60th!"


    Kathy Taylor

    Kathy Taylor
    Development Administrative Assistant
    Gift & Data Coordinator

    Phone: 708-562-7488, ext. 118

    Kathy works to support the mission of St. Joseph High School by managing the donor database records.  She processes and records all donations and generates donor tax acknowledgement letters.  Kathy is responsible for the development office reception duties, reporting needs, and assists with all other development information and fundraising programs.  

    “I have been with St. Joe's since July 2010.  I remember my first day working at the 34th Annual St. Joseph Alumni Golf Outing.  Wow, I thought, this is going to be great - golf on the first day of work.  I was amazed that first day as I met so many St. Joseph alumni & friends and witness the camaraderie they shared.  They all had respect for one another that only Chargers do! 

    I also have had the privilege of working side-by-side with Coach Gene Pingatore and learned from him the importance of the mission to help every student receive a meaningful Christian education.  He truly was a perfect example of "Vincit Qui Laborat - He Conquers, Who Labors"

    I welcome a conversation with alumni, parents and friends alike to hear their story of how St. Joseph High School made a difference in their lives."